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“War in the Neighborhood is Seth Tobocman’s masterpiece. It is one of the strongest works of graphic non-fiction to date and an engrossing first-hand document of the housing battles of the Lower East Side at the end of the 20th Century. “

– James Romberger, American Cartoonist



 “We find ourselves now, in 2016, more in need of housing rights activism than ever. Not just in New York, but nationwide. At the same time, many of us are turning inward to recognize how even in liberal and radical spaces, racism and sexism are enormous obstacles. And so it seems particularly timely that into our current climate, once again at a unique moment of sociopolitical tension and possibility, publisher Ad Astra Comix is reissuing War in the Neighborhood. …Highly recommended for the reader, the graphic-novel fan, the activist, the human being.”

– Cari Luna, Author and Oregon Book Award Winner



publishers weekly review





tenant net review

A Review of “War in the Neighborhood”
Across Time and Space: Reading Comics by Allison Sivak







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