About the Book

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Title: War in the Neighborhood
Artist: Seth Tobocman
Writer: Seth Tobocman
Pages: 340
Other Specs: Softcover, black & white interior
Available: October, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9940507-2-4

‘War in the Neighborhood’ by Seth Tobocman is a fictionalized graphic memoir detailing the artist’s experience in the Lower East Side of New York City in the late 1980s. Homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, and police brutality are contrasted with acts of resistance, love, and community spirit. This book is a must-read for anyone who believes in building a better world than the one we have. But how do we do this when we carry the pain and baggage of the present society?


How Can I Help?

If you want to help us spread the word about this exciting book, there are many ways to do so. Here are a few.

  • Support our crowdfunder, on now between August 22 – September 22. The costs of printing a book are tremendous, and pre-ordering your copy of ‘War in the Neighborhood’ can make a huge difference! Additional perks, including signed posters and original art by Seth Tobocman will be available – for a limited time!
  • Contact your local library and request a copy of ‘War in the Neighborhood’. You will need a library card and the book’s ISBN number.
  • Ask your favourite book store or comic shop to stock the book. AK Press is our distributor in US book stores (not including comic shops). Comic shops and book stores outside the US can order directly from Ad Astra Comix via e-mail ( adastracomix@gmail.com ) or by phone ( 613.324.5754 )
  • Suggest the book to your reading group. You’ll find lots of helpful topics of discussion under our TOPICS OF INTEREST page.
  • Recommend the book as a university course text. ‘War in the Neighborhood’ would interest students in a variety of subjects, including Literature, Comic Books / Graphic Narratives, U.S. History, Histories of New York City, Social Movements, Anarchism, and Counterculture.
  • Share your thoughts about the book on social media. (Be sure to use the hashtag #WarInTheNeighborhood and we will see it!)

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